More About Me

     Hello my name is Julie Jacobs, and I am a lifelong creative. As an illustrator and a storyteller I am interested in stories that uplift, inspire, instruct and delight. I am inspired by both historic as well as contemporary artist such as: Chagall, Klimt, and Lautrec,Hockney, Rebecca , and Annette Messenger.  Artist who infuse both color and narrative into their work.    I work in acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil, pen and ink. I Like to bring a sense of wonder and joy to my work by combining the literary with the whimsical.

I have studied art at The San Francisco Art Institute, Mills College and Cal State Northridge. As well as with a variety of individual artist and workshops over the years.  It is my belief that continued education is an important part of the journey. I received my Masters Degree in Storytelling from East Tennessee State University.   

I have taught art to all ages for over 30 years. It is a great passion of mine to introduce my students to the love and play of creating through many mediums.

As an educator, I have worked  in a variety of after school settings from both local and private elementary schools ,to the Zimmer children’s museum, to art camps, as well as weekly Sunday School. My focus has always been on inspiring creativity in young people.  Currently I am working in small groups, retreats and on zoom.  The pandemic created many wonderful avenues to realize we truly can connect and communicate in many varied and wonderful ways.

I have carefully curated the products I am sharing on this website.  The items I have chosen are part of the story I am choosing to tell.  

I hope you will enjoy this site and introduction to my work. Please feel free to contact me with any direct inquiries.

With love,

Julie Ann Jacobs